Why Stainless Steel?

The construction, hospitality and medical sectors are the leading consumers of stainless steel products in Kenya. But why Stainless Steel? The physical and chemical properties of stainless steel are key to answering this question.

One would begin by asking what stainless steel is. For many laymen, they identify stainless steel by its smooth and glossy surfaces (and perhaps its high cost per unit!). However, simply put, stainless steel does not refer to any specific product. It is rather a general term attributed to various steel alloys with with at least 10.5% chromium.

The Chromium is integral to the advantages of using stainless steel. It often reacts with atmospheric oxygen to create an inert layer of Chromium Oxide on the surface of Steel, which accounts for the metal’s non-corrosive properties. Remarkably, if the surface is damaged mechanically, it reforms and continues to protect the steel. This makes stainless steel the best way of developing corrosive resistance- better than painting or galvanizing.

What other features apart from corrosive resistance makes it necessary for you to consider stainless steel for your housing or kitchen solutions in Kenya? First is its hygienic nature. It is easy to clean and disinfect in the hospital and kitchen settings. No wonder, hospitals, laboratories and restaurants all prefer stainless steel products.

Elsewhere, stainless steel has high resistance to high and low temperatures besides being easy to fabricate. To get maximum efficiency from stainless steel, there should be good polishing. At Jayhim Steel, we ensure that our balcony and staircase railings are well polished to give maximum  benefits to our clients.

This is not to mention that stainless steel improves the aesthetic value of your house, kitchen or hospital.


For quality stainless steel railings, cladding, commercial kitchen products and hospital materials, email us at jayhimsteel@gmailcom or call 0722918129



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