Stainless Steel for the Mid-end Segment

The built environment has really transformed in recent times. The demand for high quality, well polished stainless products has thus grown for both interiors and the general construction environment. However, a gap persists between high cost mainstream stainless steel dealers and individual sellers with no capacity of professional work. That is where Jayhim Steel comes in.

Our market is the mid-end, dealing with small businesses, residential and commercial buildings, hotels and restaurants to offer them affordable yet professional steel services. Count on us to deliver high quality work at a price you can afford.

We look forward to working with businesses of different scales. Jayhim Steel commits to client satisfaction and fair pricing to spread the allure of quality stainless steel kitchens, hospital equipment and staircase railings wider into the market.

As always, reach us for any stainless steel enquiries via Our mobile lines are also available 24/7, 0722918129/ 0718291325/ 0737337779

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