About Us

WELCOME to Jayhim Steel. We are Kenya’s new leader in stainless steel products eager to own the future with you. Whether you are thinking of a commercial kitchen for your hotel, stainless table tops, sinks and other equipment for your restaurant/hotel/hospital or staircase railings for your residential/commercial building, we are the solution. We guarantee quality work and professional engagement of all our clientele. We also acknowledge the present challenge of high costs of stainless steel products and guarantee affordability, but more importantly, quality of services. We balance cost, quality and professionalism to offer top notch stainless steel solutions in the marketplace.


At Jayhim, our mission is to provide quality, avant-garde stainless steel products and solutions that beautify the built environment and transform your kitchen.


Our vision is to become a regional leader in Stainless Steel products and solutions.


At Jayhim Steel, we have a strict code of honesty, courtesy, professional conduct and customer orientation. To us, the customer is the king and has to be satisfied with the final product delivery.